The lost episode

As some of you may have heard, my computer died and I lost all my saved files and recording programs. Luckily I was able to find a copy of the raw file of the first session with the new group. So that is what I am going to be posting here, the raw uncut recording of our session.

What this also means is that I am currently unaware of when I will be able to get Geek the Mage back up and running. I will definitely keep people in the loop as I struggle to make up for the shit storm that was the first two months of 2016.


Episode 24: The end of all things

And here it is, the last episode featuring Mako, Ruby and Tecumse. It was a blast and the group certainly went out with a bang. We are going to have an interview with a special guest for the next two episodes before jumping back into the actual play with a new group of runners.

Edit: I have re-uploaded the episode which has the audio problems fixed…or at least I hope so lol.

Geek the Mage needs players!

So during the long break I have had with this game due to work, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to continue it as an actual play podcast but throw in more interviews. With that being said, the group I had for the game has moved on to something new and thus I need a new group of runners to delve through the mean streets of Neo-Tokyo. So here is where you guys can get in on the action. Before I start looking my normal ways I figured I would give the listeners a chance to be part of the team. So with that said, here is the important info you will need.

  • We would be playing on Sundays (am thinking once a month due to work and stuff but it could be bi-weekly).
  • The time is still up in the air but I would prefer to start between 7-9 pm EST as any earlier and my job could interfere.
  • As this is a podcast game you must have a decent mic and can assure that there is little to no background noise. The occasional car going by is alright but constant barking, screaming, blaring music/tv is not.
  • Be reliable. Listen, I know how work and life can get in the way sometimes but with the game looking to start off as potentially a monthly thing I want people that can commit to attending.
  • Someone that is a team player. Listen I know that we all want to be the star but in this type of game / media, that really doesn’t work out. Roleplaying focuses heavily on cooperation so you need to be able to do it.
  • Experience is not really required. Seeing as the game started out as one for beginners anyways I am totally cool with people that are new to the game. New to roleplaying in general might be a tough sell given the whole podcast part but as long as you are creative and aren’t shy even that shouldn’t be a problem. While I am not expressly looking for voice actors or people like that, they certainly are preferred. 😀
  • We use skype in order to bring our lovely voices to the game. The recorder I have (which is amazing) works for skype only. I don’t like fixing things if it isn’t broken so please don’t message me trying to get me to use something else.
  • Lastly, is the Wheaton rule: Don’t be a dick.

If you think that you could meet the above and bring a love for the setting to the table then apply. You can do that by sending a message to the facebook group (I think that’s a thing you can do) or send me a direct message on twitter. I’m @PhistoRoboto. You can also send me a message on here. Now it should be mentioned that just because you apply it doesn’t mean you are automatically in the group. I always have a little meet and greet with potential players so that the both of us can get a feel for one another. My games/styles aren’t for everyone and not everyone will mesh well with what I am running. In order to prevent people from dropping mid game or merely not working out I like to try and get a feel for them.

Hope to hear from people!